Mission to Kenya 2018

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Mission 2018

I am so excited to announce that I have embarked on my first solo missions trip to Kenya for 3 months this past June, 2018!

Great Rift Valley December 2017 – Kenya

As some of you all may know, in December 2017 I traveled on a 12-day mission trip to Kenya and Uganda with Diversified Ministry for Cultural Exchange Inc. (DM4CE) to serve the local communities, churches, children’s home in holiday initiatives. I realized that the 2017 mission travel was just a taste of exploration that God wanted me to encounter in order to prepare for more. When I came back, I knew God wanted me to prepare for a solo journey in 2018 to help Happy Life Children’s Home in Nairobi, Kenya. But, this time to stay longer and to use more of my gifts and talents to help the community and children’s home. One of the areas that I found I could help the children’s home was to teach music.

I learned so much leading up to the very first mission that to this day, I still get choked up when I talk about the experience. That mission trip helped to establish a stronger relationship with God by knowing without a doubt that He wanted me to go. There were just too many instances where the Lord was ordering my steps for the initial journey. Ultimately, I believe that my first mission was to obey God and say YES while utilizing my photography skill set to capture the missions for DM4CE with a partnership to Operation International Gift of Knowledge (Uganda).

***UPDATE November 1, 2018***
Welp, it looks like I am in the process again for preparing for my journey back to Kenya, but for even longer. My last to Kenya was simply AMAZING. The 2.5-month journey propelled me to believing and trusting in God far beyond what I have ever experienced before. I have now been back in the US for 2 months since my travels, and I have been progressing to adjusting back into this American life while seeking on God for my next step. Please keep me in prayer and if you feel to financially donate for my cause, it would be very helpful even now. I am in the processing of putting everything together now, and I don’t have a lot of time.

Donate Today

I am so excited about the opportunity to serve and to minister abroad. At this time, I am seeking your financial support and prayers for this upcoming mission trip. The trip is being funded entirely through donations and by myself. If you are able to assist with this trip, please use the following avenues of support below. Through the support of mission trips like this one, and your donation, I am able to reach those who God places in my path while there. I believe that even the smallest donations will help me reach my goal!


The areas of focus are Transportation, Lodging, Meals, Medical, Music, and Insurance. There is a lot that needs to be taken care before traveling in addition to making sure I have all of the necessary equipment and music to teach while there. If you want to just be a blessing in my life as I prepare for this journey, please use my personal Paypal link below.

The final need to raise has not been determined, but I can tell you that I WILL be leaving to teach for the 2019 school year.

Raised as of November: YTD



If you are in the local 757 area Hampton Roads and would like to donate any of the following items, please contact me so we can meet up for collection. I want to be a blessing to them and arrive with needed supplies to help aid the children's home. I talked with the U.S. Directors at Happy Life and the following items are needed:

- Underwear (for ages 4 & up)
for both girls and boys.

- Undergarments
(Bras up to size C cup, etc)

Financial Support

I rejoiced in the Lord greatly that now at length you have revived your concern for me. You were indeed concerned for me, but you had no opportunity. - Philippians 4:10

There are times when people just want to be a blessing in your life, but don't know how to help. It takes a moment like a missions trip where the need to pursue a lifelong dream compels the hearts to act. I have found that there are people who are genuinely concerned about seeing me succeed and would like to help. And so, here are the opportunities available to for the support.

About Me

Since 2002, I have been teaching music privately and in group sessions for children to adults, from 5 years to 65+ for local non-profit organizations and as a city employee. I learned over the years that the creative arts and sciences are interwoven in a way that helps support each other. When I was growing up, people would always say that if you were good at music, you are good at math. I never really understood how that could be the case. But, over the years, I realized that there is an "art" to the sciences and a "science" to the arts. I realized that I could easily help the analytic left-brain child understand the technicality side of music while allowing the right-brain child "feel" and express emotion through song. As human beings, we need the creative arts in our everyday lives. For that reason, I have made the commitment to helping others achieve excellence in their education.

I wanted to take a moment to even mention my background in the volunteerism - just to help people to understand. Part of my educational background was working voluntarily at a local faith-based organization as an interim Education Department Manager where I assisted in structuring a tutorial program for children; coordinated and unified all educational activities; review, develop, order and implement curriculum for all age groups; planned and coordinated special educational events. I have also helped numerous children and teenagers as a tutor in teaching them to overcome their course studies in math and science. Call me a nerd if you must. I just love how far I have come and the journey it has taken me to this point in my life to help others.



Missionary & Music Teacher

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While I am on my mission's journey, I will be communicating with all those who want to stay connected. In addition to using social media, I will be emailing those who subscribe to my email campaign. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.


Let's stay in touch. I would love to hear from you concerning this endeavor. Please complete the form below and I will be sure to get back with you soon. If you would like for me to come to your church and say a few words about my journey, upcoming missions travel and Happy Life Children's Home, please call or use the provided contact form.

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